Please note: we can no longer accept new members for the 2011 CSA season. Please check back in January for membership opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still accepting new members?

Yes. We have a rolling admission. Our membership base for 2011 is 2,400 members. The sooner you sign up, the better for us. We need cash to run the farm. Most farming expenses occur in spring and early summer when farmers plant crops. The cash from CSA memberships helps us operate.

How can I see what you offer throughout the season?

To see what we are offering this week, please click here:

To see what we will be offering this season, please click here: 2011 Seasonality Chart

Please note, that the list of what we intend to offer this season is not a guarantee. We often plant crops that don’t make it to harvest. This is agriculture. If it was easy, everyone would be a farmer!

Are your prices cheaper than Union Square farmers market or Whole Foods?

It depends on the product. For items that Holton Farms grows, in many cases, yes we are cheaper. That said, some pricing may be affected by how big or small a certain crop we grow is. If we sell it to wholesale customers, we are extremely competitive. If its something we only grow for our CSA or farmstand, we are not seeking to be the cheapest alternative out there. There is some cost associated with buying locally grown food that isn’t grown using illegal workers, isn’t subsidized by the government, or that wasn’t imported from abroad. In short, you get what you pay for.

For items that we purchase from other growers, our pricing tends to be less competitive because many of the farms we work with are so small that they don’t really grow things on a wholesale basis. With limited acreage, in order for them to make a living, they need to charge a certain minimum price.

For items like meats and eggs, we are right in line with Whole Foods even though they have the buying power of a national grocery chain.

Generally speaking, we find that we usually come in below Union Square farmers market pricing.

What happens if I can’t spend all my credit this season?

Our policy is to allow members to roll up to 20% of their credit to the next season as long as they sign up for a Flex, Individual or Family membership the following season.

I will be away on vacation for a number of weeks this year, do I lose anything?

The beauty of CSA Select is that you only order for those weeks that you want to.

Is there a minimum weekly order?

Yes and no. You are not required to order every week. However, when you do order, there is a $25 minimum.

What happens if I place an order and am then unable to pick it up during the drop time?

If the drop is to a doorman building, we can leave it with the doorman. It is your responsibility to pick it up later. If the drop is in a place other than a doorman building, someone will need to be there to pick it up. Otherwise, we reserve the right to donate your order to a local food shelter or charity. You will still be charged for your order.

What happens if nature does not cooperate and no crops are harvested?

As with any CSA, there is some shared risk between the farmer and the customer. When crops fail, there is less product available to distribute. That said, because we employ a credit system, in the event that selection is impaired for circumstances beyond our control, we would allow members to roll credit over into the next season.

Last year for example, our area of Vermont experienced a severe drought throughout the summer. Because that part of Vermont almost never experiences drought, our farm lacked sufficient irrigation to save many of our fall crops. This greatly affected our ability to provide the selection we expected of ourselves. As a result, we waived our policy and allowed members to roll over their remaining credit to this season.

This year, to mitigate the risk, we are installing irrigation and putting contingency plans into place.

What happens if I receive something that is less than fresh looking?

Vegetables and fruits are highly perishable in general. Sometimes things happen during transport and mistakes are made. We also choose our seed varieties for taste, not shelf life or portability. That’s why our food tastes better than what you get in the store. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with any portion of your order, contact us immediately. We will make things right by crediting you for the spoiled item and replacing it free of charge with something to your liking of the same value.

Are the products on your website all you’ll offer this year?

No. We are always looking for ways to improve our selection. It is our ultimate goal to offer our members EVERYTHING they need to eat sustainably and well. We know that customers will divert a higher portion of their grocery budget to us each week only if we earn it. We will continue to look for ways to add new sustainably grown local products to our service.

I have checked out all of your drops and none of them work. Do you offer delivery?

We do offer limited delivery in Manhattan on a case by case basis for $10 per delivery. The home or business must be located within a 5-street or 2-avenue radius of an established drop location.

We would also encourage you to help us find 25 other members and establish your own drop and we’ll give you a free Flex plan!

What happens if I organize a drop?

As a thank you, Holton Farms’ would offer $250 in credit to anyone who organized a drop and brought us 25 new Flex, Individual or Family members. Please note that Trial Memberships do not qualify someone to be eligible for free credit.

What happens when I use up all my credits?

You can always add more credits to your account throughout the season. Once you log in to Farmigo, you'll see an option to add more credits under your account settings.